exhibition design

'Elastic walls and explosions of sugar sweet colours'

Cinekid Medialab

With the boundless imagination of a child as a starting point, Studio LONK developed a colorful environment for one of Europe's largest interactive playgrounds. Playful shapes, bright colours, and elastic walls create a lively environment that invites and challenges children to explore.

Cinekid Medialab is part of Cinekid Festival. An annual event where children can watch films, attend workshops and play with the latest tools, games, apps and installations. Cinekid asked Studio LONK to take care of the spatial design of the Media Lab. 1200 m2 offers space for 10 interactive artworks (curated by Ward Janssen), 8 workshop rooms and a lounge area with lemonade bar. With colorful spatial elements and graphic stripes, we interweave the different parts into one large playful and festival landscape.