spatial study

'White space for temporary use'

Inside the White Whale

As part of Studio Vacant NL, Studio LONK created the flexible space ‘Inside The White Whale’. These are large white "bags" that can transform any location and give any building a temporary new interpretation. Once installed, the bag creates two spaces; an inside and an outside space. Inside The White Wale creates a new inner-world with soft light, in which otherwise impossible or unimaginable things can happen.

White Whale # 1: The Barber Shop. The large white bag creates a new space in which the fabric becomes the customer's hood. When the customer is cut, the stylist pulls or folds the bag away and the next customer can take a seat.

White Whale # 2: The Work Shop. This setup shows the dual function of Inside The White Whale; the space is on the one hand a student room and on the other hand a workplace.

White Whale # 3: The Book Club. This bag is specially made for good table conversations. The focus is on each other and the topic to be discussed. The body and the rest of the world are not taken into consideration.