interactive art spatial study

‘Stress-relieving experience of light and space’

Relaxation Chapel

Studio LONK developed a spatial research installation based on the theme of work stress. As a collaborative project between academics, doctors and designers, it aims to translate this taboo into a tangible, spatial experience.

Stress - especially work-related stress - is a major and growing contemporary problem. According to the CBS, more than 14 percent of employees in the Netherlands now have burnout complaints. Every year, 30,000 people are declared unfit for work, 30% of them as a result from work overload (CBS, 2015). Nonetheless, stress at work in particular is a personal and interpersonal problem still too often a taboo to discuss.

The Relaxation Chapel is a space and research project in which you can withdraw briefly during working hours. As a spatial translation of tranquility, it provides an environment in which employees can reflect, meditate and relax. The interactive space has adaptive lighting that on the one hand responds to users and, on the other hand, has a controlling effect on the breathing rhythm.

The immersive experience makes employees more aware of their body and the importance of moments of rest during working hours. The Relaxation Chapel consists of different layers of textile. The semi-transparent and soft walls add depth, layering and softness to the environment. The passageways have different heights, creating an awareness of the body.

The project is part of the Creative Industry Scientific Program (CRISP) and a close collaboration between partners from different backgrounds (including academics, designers and doctors): TU Delft, Philips Design, GGzE and Studio LONK.

The Relaxation Chapel was presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2015 and is currently placed in GGzE (Mental Health Care Eindhoven).