exhibition design

‘Scrolling through an exhibition landscape’

Torenkamer exhibition

AVROTROS’s Opium program invited 55 young artists to work from the Torenkamer (tower room) of the impressive VondelCS building in Amsterdam. In silent seclusion, each artist worked on a project for a week. Curator Aynouk Tan and Studio LONK were asked to bring the various works together in an exhibition at VondelCS.

Due to our continuous scrolling behavior we lead a fragmented life. Where we once read a newspaper article in 5 minutes, we now divide our attention between 7 open tabs, incoming messages, e-mails, likes and comments. We have moved from vertical depth to horizontal volatility: the starting point for an exhibition design in which you experience art in new ways.

Tan: “Our horizontal way of navigating - volatile and in random order - offers room for personal connections. There is no predefined path; everything exists side by side and everything is equally important ”. Studio LONK presents the works of the Torenkamer as physical computer screens that are open at the same time. Some works of art are literally cut into pieces during the exhibition, as fragments of information. The designed towers offer visitors a special perspective on the open windows. Neon green plays an important role in the design, referring to a green screen that lays a virtual layer over the tangible world. Visitors are guided along the many works in three routes, but can easily be distracted in the meantime and get lost in the many fragments of the exhibition.